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still life with improvisation (2014)

    “still life with improvisation” is frantic aerostat’s second full length album. The base materials of construction and deconstruction, a series of musical pieces that were crafted as a result of a daily improvisation project, images of a country in general, absolute crisis.

    Marina Deligiannaki played the flute and the piano. The destroyed voice in (3) was performed by fellez. Pan played the guitar on (7). (8) is a cover (original: lost bodies) which was crafted along with Kostas Karatasos. Nikos Vogiatzakis played the guitar and the sax 😛 in (12).

    Part of the recordings was made at Mad Hat Music studio, Heraklion Crete. All tracks were mixed by georgieboy & pan, who also produced (3) and (8). All tracks were mastered by Christos Megas.

    Poetry in (2) by N.A. Aslanoglou, in (4) by chumbawamba, in (6) by Charles Marx, in (8) by lost bodies and in (9) by Odysseas Grammatikakis.

    The artwork was drawn by Kostis Tzortzakakis.

    Hugs to all of the beloved people who shared this adventure from its early stages or later on. Kisses to FYTA and all members of Fytini for their continuous support!