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Odes to the prince @ blow up – afterthoughts


    It always feel special to present your work in a place that you have anyway frequented for many years. And even more special when this place is in the city you were born in and chose (??) to live in, and around you, everywhere, you see loved, friendly faces. It doesn’t matter that you have a high fever. It doesn’t matter that you chose the only faulty cable from the batch.  When the lights go down, all that matters is the communion of the different worlds: yours, Danae’s, the poet’s. And when the show is over, you know, or hope, that the people will talk to you with love about the result, warmth for the virtues of your work, but also sincerity for its flaws and misfires. These conversations, much more valuable than the usual, generic, PR style flattering words that seem to be so popular in Heraklion nowadays, I always treasure. Perhaps one day they will help me become better.

    Thank you all who shared this night with me, and special thanks to:

    • Vaggelis and the rest of the blow up team for the amazing hospitality
    • Marietta Grammatikakis for the sound, the conversations and the company
    • Antonis Arkoulakis who worked hard so that we could have the intro recording on time
    • Michael Loukakis who saved my guitar from certain death a few days before the show

    Till the next time, farewell!