Odes to the prince (2018)

Odes to the prince“, based on poems by the poetry collection of N.A.Aslanoglou of the same name, is a very special album for aerostat standards.

Firstly, because they began as a live performance and ended up recorded, not the other way around.

Secondly, because the recordings & the mix were done by myself alone, with only a few advice from georgieboy, who also did the mastering.

Thirdly, because for the first time, instead of opting for a cd printout, I am trying to support my work through internet sales only. Minimum support price is 3 euros, and the download includes one of Danae Syrrou’s amazing video works from the performance.

I hope that you enjoy it and, if you are finacially able, that you support it with any amount you can spare.