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Odes to the prince @ blow up, Heraklion Crete

    A musical performance by musician Odysseas Grammatikakis as a part of his ongoing project “frantic aerostat”. In collaboration with artist Danae Syrrou, this is a work on poems by Nikos Alexis Aslanoglou (1931 – 1996), from his poetry collection “Odes to the prince”.

    The poems, characterised by subtle irony, loneliness, longing and desperation in mostly urban landscapes, are the motive as well as the main structural element of the work, in which the musician blends the poet’s words with the sounds of musical instruments, noise generators and everyday objects, creating repetitive patterns that sometimes remain uncertain and sometimes evolve to create full melodic structures. Danae Syrrou’s abstract video works are not simply images that accompany the sound, but essential elements so that the audience can transform the poet’s words into sentimental and spiritual journeys.

    music: frantic aerostat
    video: Danae Syrrou
    introductory text: George Vailakis
    recitation of introductory text: Antonis Arkoulakis

    All poems by Nikos Alexis Aslanoglou, from “Odes to the prince”, written from 1971 to 1975

    Duration: 50′ – 65′ (depending on the evolvement of improvisational parts)