Some folks are put off by what they assume will be the impenetrable complexity of improvised music. It can be complex, no question. But it’s not complexity like watching someone work a calculus problem. It’s more like watching a flock of birds swoop and dip and soar, wondering how they know to turn without crashing into one another, which one is signaling to the others and by what means, and how they all land together.

– John Corbett, A listener’s guide to free improvisation












Every Sunday, at 8 pm, the free improvisation group “Free the soprano player” has its meetings / concerts at diARTiriteo, Theotokopoulou 12, Heraklion, Crete.

Entrance is free, there are drinks available but you can also bring your own. Donations from the donation guitar will be used to invite musicians that do not live in Heraklion to participate.